Small groups

This group is for anyone having found themselves single again either through divorce, or from death & desertion of a spouse. The group will discuss the unique challenges that come with being single again including but not limited to, financial challenges, single parenthood, and dealing with loneliness.
Meet Time: Tuesday 7pm-8pm (Zoom)
The purpose of this group will be an in-depth study of God's Word on spiritual warfare from various perspectives.
Meet Time: Thursday 6:30-7:30pm (Zoom)
The purpose of this group is for brothers of all ages to come together and build and connect over the Word of God.
Meet Time: Tuesday 7pm-8pm (Zoom)
The past year has been a year of unprecedented loss for many people. The purpose of group will be to provide support and encouragement for those grieving loss, and to help with overcoming sadness, depression, and the pain of losing a loved one.
Meet Time: Monday 7pm-8pm (Zoom)
This is a call to all Young Adults from age 21-30+, single, dating, or married, all are welcomed! This group is to meet weekly to grow in Christ, study God's Word, fellowship
and build community together.
Meet Time: Friday 7pm-8:30pm
Senior's meet is a small group where seniors are able to come together and continue to grow in God's word and fellowship.
Meet time: Wednesday 11:30am-2:30pm (Zoom)
The purpose of this group is to study matters of the church, oneness, and social justice from a biblical perspective.
Meet Time: Thursday 7pm-8pm (Zoom)
The purpose of this group is an in-depth study of books of the Bible that resonates with believers. This class will spend time studying the Gospel of John.
Meet Time: Monday 7pm-8pm (Zoom)
This small group focuses on reviewing foundational biblical doctrines such as, Theology, Bibliology, Christology, etc. As we go through life, having a refresher on core biblical doctrines will help us to stand firm against an anti-Christian culture. Meet Time: Tuesday 7pm-8pm (Zoom)