Deliverance will Come!

Deliverance will Come!

Philippines 1:19

I know some of us are very confident in ourselves. What we feel we are skilled in, if I were to ask you a few questions about something you do all of the time, I am sure you would answer confidently! How confident are you in yourself and your own ability?

But here is the thing, our confidence is limited. I have confidence in my father that if he said he would do something, I know he will do it! He has shown me over time, he does what he says. If we further this thought, I am confident in myself; in some areas, this is based on my feeling of security in the skills and strengths I have; you see, this was developed over time. The basis of our confidence relies upon a few things, previous experiences, trust, and reliable people, places, and things.

Think about our brother Paul's situation. Do you think he was in the King's house often? Any lunch dates? NO, but somehow or another, he makes a bold statement of I know, he knows this will turn out for his good! Paul gives a bold statement and says, "I know."

For some of us, that's a bold statement to say, seeing what Paul is up against, he is facing potential death (which he is not sure he will get, read the verse ahead). But somehow, amid all those thoughts, those feelings, all of his circumstances, Paul says, "I know." Now this word is translated in the greek "eido," which is to see, perceive with eyes, senses, etc. However, it's all of that with an understanding this is used in the past tense. So what is Paul saying to us personally? He says, look at your issues and your circumstances and tell it, I know, and what I  know is something I have understood before this circumstance and before this situation arrived in my life. You see, Paul is saying, what I know gave me the confidence to say, "This will turn out for my deliverance." Paul isn't sure about the verdict of this case, he isn't sure if people may see him again, but can I tell you there is one thing he is confident of? His relationship with Jesus!

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A.Fernandez - March 9th, 2022 at 9:49am

Greetings, I thought when I first got saved that I knew all I had to know not to ever fall back; but after so many years later I realized that you/me are never a finished product of Jesus Christ’s Love until we are done here on earth. I like what Paul said ‘ whether I live or die I live and die for the Lord‘. That’s confidence in God the Father’s Son working in him. ‘Lord God keep working in me & my family.