40 Day Daniel Fast Day 27

It's a family ROAD trip!

John 14:6  Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 
Do you remember taking any family trips, the ones where you traveled by car? It would be best to always travel with someone who knows how to get to where you need to be. Ok, let me be honest, I am that guy who gets lost; it doesn't matter where I am; I seem to get lost. My wife constantly reminds me that I am traveling the wrong way. At times, it's so bad that if she isn't holding my phone or doesn't have the navigation on in my car, she is using her phone's GPS! So during this fast, pray for her! However, what was Netra trying to show me? She was trying to direct me and tell me there is only one direction to travel to Michigan from Chicago, and that's North.  I won't get to Michigan from Chicago by traveling South, I may try, but I won't get there! Can I share some observations with you? When I followed the GPS, I noticed that it told me the right road to travel on to get to Michigan. I also noticed that being on the right road didn't mean I reached my destination, it just ensured I was headed in the right direction to my final destination. Jesus tells his disciples, Hey, there is only one way to get to the Father, and it's through me!

Now, I know some of you are saying, we are already saved, and we know this already; sure, you may know this, but do you really know this? See, here is the thing, if you follow this story, these guys are confused about where Jesus is going. They are confused about how to get to where He will be. They are focused on the location. They are concentrated on a space, booking a travel ticket, and Jesus is saying, the place where I am going is not a physical place but a destination in another person; this person is the Father. Don't miss where I am going, the place Jesus says we will end; the destination is with the Father! You see, just like the disciples, we desire to be with the Father. We all have a desire to be with the Father, but the way to get there is through Jesus. He is the road we take because the destination is to be with the Father. Hey, can I ask you a question? Have you arrived yet? (Are we there yet?) The answer is no because you are still here on Earth, so what does that mean? You are still traveling on the road of Jesus, So can I encourage you, while we are on the right road, keep traveling, and while you are traveling, do what Jesus would do, pick up people along the way. Say what Jesus would say by compelling and inviting them to the party. Live the way Jesus would live, and keep pitching your tent closer and closer. It's a family road trip!

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As you are praying for your loved one, and praying that their eyes would be open, ask them to join you in bible study. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind meeting up to discuss Jesus!
Acts 4:12
John 10:9
Ephesians 2:18
Father, thank you for your Son Jesus who died for me; thank you for this great salvation. As we follow you, Jesus, as we are on the highway of Jesus, please help us remember those who are traveling in the wrong direction. Please give us a burden to proclaim the truth and ask them to turn around in the right direction.
In Jesus' name, we pray amen!

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