40 Day Daniel Fast Day 17

I can't be the STAR!

John 3:30    He must increase, but I must decrease
I know we don't have many NBA fans, and by now, you know I love the game! But in 2010, someone decided to take their talents to Miami; LeBron James, along with Chris Bosh joined the Miami Heat with Dwayne Wade. I won't get into the logistics of the story, however, they were all three great players and considered the big 3.  All high-scoring players, but with all of the talent, they could not secure a championship. It wasn't until the summer vacation of 2011 that Dwayne Wade told LeBron that he had to take the lead and Wade had to step back for the team to win. Now, it was Wade's team. He was the star of the team. Wade knew if this was going to work, if they were going to ensure they win a championship, LeBron would have to lead; what humility that displayed. Can I ask you a question? What would that look like in the church? If some of us who have roles where we lead looked at our positions and said, you know what, for this to go to the next level, for more to happen here, I must step back and allow someone else in.

John did it; If you see. John understood something that we as a culture don't always understand, how to set up the next generation. You know that's still serving?!?!  John showed us how he was more like Christ in that one statement he made in verse 30. John's willingness to decrease his "being seen, being heard, being the go-to," was more of an act of humility. But it also shows us his posture and that it was never about him anyway.

It was always for the Glory of God. So, can I ask you a question, those of us who are serving now, are you willing to help someone else? If you have been in this role for decades, are you ready to step up and over? Are you willing to start training and mentoring? Are you willing to decrease so that Jesus can increase? Decrease your ideas, your ways, your agenda so that Jesus can increase in his plan, his leading, and His desire!

By the way, in 2012, the Miami Heat won an NBA championship!
Hebrews 3:2-6
1 Corinthians 3:5
Colossians 1:18
Lord, as we are on this fast, I pray that You will reveal my heart's condition, show me areas where I may not see, and help me understand it's all about You whether I am leading a ministry or following. Allow me to display this same level of humility in my Christian walk by decreasing in every area of my life and allowing You to increase more in all of my life. In Jesus' name, I pray amen!

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