40 Day Daniel Fast Day 36

Are you Robbing God Part 3

Malachi 3:8   Will man rob God? Yet you are robbing me. But you say, ‘How have we robbed you?’ In your tithes and contributions.
Do you remember the famous tv show “Family Matters”? It was a show that drew attention because of the actor Steve Urkle! There would be moments in the show where something disastrous would happen, like something blown up, a date ruined, or something breaking. And when any of this would happen, it would be because of Steve! Do you all remember his famous line? “Did I do that?” It was the punch line for what would turn into his fame; it was considered comedic relief. Unfortunately, the saying didn’t begin with Steve, and sadly doesn’t seem like it will end with him. The children of Israel are all asking this question, and you may be doing the same “Did I do this?” Well, not that exact line, more like asking, “how have we robbed you?”

The phrases alone would suggest that fraud was happening and that someone (God) had been defrauded. And the truth is, someone is being cheated. Again, the children of Israel inherited the land as a gift from God, but it didn’t mean they owned it. We know that the earth is the Lord and everything that dwells in it. All of the resources, all of its energy, belong to God. Why do you think I have been talking about the same scripture these past two days, with today being the third? Is it get a tithe from you? We believe in giving freely as the Lord has given to you, but to provide you with the proper thoughts about what you call yours. To withhold anything from the Lord is robbing him; it is to defraud Him. Notice how the question is initiated, “will a man rob God?”

One would ask, is it possible to rob God? Could one even think of ways to rob God? Yes, we are robbing Him now, not just in the resources that God has blessed us with, meaning wealth, but with your time, heart, and “personal space.” Saints, in the midst of this fast, the goal was to search deeply; where are we holding back from Him? Where are we defrauding Him? In scripture, we are reminded of Matthew 6:21, “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Are you robbing God? We have four days left; make the commitment not to defraud Him.
Write down areas where you know you are defrauding God (doesn’t have to be money). Make a commitment to stop today! Put a plan in place to turn from it!
Luke 16:10-13
Proverbs 11:1
Psalm 44:21
Father, I repent of the times I have defrauded you in areas of my life. I want to be pleasing to you and walk in your way. Help me be faithful in the small areas of my life before considering doing more. Please help me slow down chasing after the wrong things in life. I want to pursue You and only You. I pray this in Jesus' name, amen.

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