40 Day Daniel Fast Day 22

It starts with compassion…

Matthew 9:37-38   Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;  therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”
How often have you walked past a person struggling with groceries with kids and reached out to at least hold the door? What about the elderly person who is walking across the street? Of course, you can’t pick them up and drop them off across the street, but you become an extra precaution and at least ensure they are safely getting to the other side of the street. What happens to you to cause you to respond like this? Empathy? How about compassion as well? Can I also ask you where do you limit your compassion? Do you limit it to only helping with stuff, or does it roll over into other areas?

Jesus was teaching in the synagogues and proclaiming the gospel. As he was healing and teaching, he saw the crowds; that more and more people were coming. Instead of him thinking about his platform, instead of him thinking of his schedule, instead of him thinking about dinner or lunch, he was moved with compassion. Why? He saw something we all at times seem to pass up every day; those who are going through life harassed, in need of spiritual help, in need of a savior, in need of Jesus. But what happens next is the message? What are we supposed to do when we see people out and in need of a savior? Jesus says we should pray! Not just give up a Lord help them, but we should pray earnestly to the Lord. Jesus tells his disciples, and all of us who would follow, pray with intentionality.

Jesus wants us to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out labors into the harvest. And guess what? I can tell you, the Lord has always answered this prayer, every time I have ever prayed it, and I am sure he will answer this prayer for you as well because he usually will send someone who looks just like you, someone who talks like you, someone who thinks like you. The only question is, will you respond? Will you be moved with compassion; is that sinner man’s story not enough, are their burdens not enough for you to react and have compassion and empathy?
Pray about the people you know who have not made the choice to follow Jesus. Pray with intentionality, that God would open up their eyes and hearts to see and receive.
Luke 10:2
Mark 16:15
Matthew 28:19
Father, we come before You to ask You to help us see what You see.  See our world, our country, our state, city, and neighborhood as You see it; harvest. Help us to see ourselves as laborers, and that we will be moved with compassion to go out and tell everyone about You! Help us put aside our issues and focus on those who don't know You as Lord and Savior.
In Jesus' name, we pray amen.

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