40 Day Daniel Fast Day 16

What’s your attitude when you serve?

Psalm 100:2   Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!
Have you ever been inside a Chick-fil-A and encountered one of their employees? By the way, I'm for sure not talking about recently, especially not in the past 15 days. But are you familiar with the saying "It's my pleasure?" No matter where you are, it's said in all restaurants. What's the secret behind duplicating this? Training? Sure. Script? Sure, but is that all? No, it starts with who they hire! You see, they hire individuals with the personality for the service they want to put out. Chick-fil-A recruits with its brand identity in mind; they focus on the type of person you are and not the type of employee you will be. I wonder what that would look like in the church? No, I am not saying we come up with a brand phrase like, "Yes, Pastor, anything you say Pastor." No, but what if we started with an attitude and personality of gladness.

You see, notice he isn't saying come with gladness for the work you do or gladness for your spouse or kids; if we are honest, they will make you think differently about being glad. But the author tells us, let's start with a mindset to serve. Get this, that mindset isn't a one-time thing. You see, it's not a, "ok when I get into the church I will serve when I am asked I will serve." NO, this word serve is to work, keep in bondage; the psalmist is saying, serve is a continuous action. You aren't just serving when you appear in a location; no, you serve the Lord at all times, and it may include your church. At times, it may consist of your family members, and at times it may involve the stranger you don't know. Remember the strategy for Chick-fil-A; they don't just hire; they look for personalities who demonstrate their brand. Can I tell you something? God wants us to serve in such a way that reflects His personality.
What has my attitude been towards serving?
Do I serve the way the Lord wants me to serve?
Pray for those who are serving now and pray that they are serving with gladness.
Philippians 4:4
Psalm 95:2
Psalm 71:23
Father, I thank You for Your faithfulness towards me; even when I was not faithful, You were. I ask that I would reflect Your personality and Your character in my service to You. I pray that I will serve wherever You have me to be with a glad and cheerful heart. I pray for those who are diligently serving now; I pray that they will not grow weary in well-doing but find strength in serving You. In Jesus' Name Amen!

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